Nationwide Moving Services

Moving can often be a stressful time, and it’s a wise choice to hire professional movers to help lighten the load. By hiring a trusted moving company with all of your moving needs, you can save time with packing, the hassle of renting a truck and the labor involved to load and unload into your new home. Whether moving locally or long distance, it is highly recommended you seek out professionals to assist with your transition.


Moving locally is a bit easier, but no walk in the park. It can usually be done in one day depending on the amount of stuff you have, and whether or not everything is coming from one location. For example, the move will take longer if you have items at your old home as well as a storage facility.

Long Distance

A long distance move can be a bit more difficult for several reasons. One, the packing and loading of the truck needs to be executed without flaw. It is important that all items are wrapped, protected, and properly loaded onto the truck and strapped down. This will ensure that no items are damaged while traveling to their final destination. Long distance moves are usually done over the course of 2 or 3 days depending on the time of travel.

Portable Moving Containers

Portable containers are a good option for people who are moving but are not able to do everything all at once. A family that is moving may have a portable container dropped off at their home and over the course of the week, load items of furniture and load boxes as they are packed at their convenience. Many furniture items need to be disassembled before being moved, which takes time. A portable moving container will give you the chance to pack and load on your time, and once the container is full, you can call to have it picked up and moved to another location.

Art & Antique

Fine art and antiques need special care before being moved. It is important that art is thoroughly wrapped and that all antique furniture is protected with blankets or wrap and handled with care. It is common for antique furniture to have a leg that might be wobbly or something along those lines.


Piano moving also takes special care. It is important to properly protect and wrap the piano and handle with extreme care while lifting onto a floor dolly. Special straps and boards may also be used for the move.

Whether moving commercial, residential, local or long distance, it is important to plan accordingly for your next move to ensure that it goes smoothly and everything is on schedule. It is highly encouraged to seek out professional movers to help with this major life event.